5.4 Data Collection

Follow the instructions below to try the digit span task referenced in this study. Completing the task yourself may give insight into the benefits and limitations of the measure, which can help with your discussion.

Use the R package MemorySpan to complete 10 trials of a digit-span task. Record your results. Your digit span will be the longest list you correctly recall on at least 5 of the 10 trials. MemorySpan is not available on the CRAN. It can be installed from GitHub using the function install_github() from the remotes package. Install MemorySpan by running remotes::install_github("zakarydraper/MemorySpan"). As with R packages installed from the CRAN, this only needs to be installed once.

After installing MemorySpan, you can load it with library() like you would any other R package. Consult the documentation for measure_memory_span() for direction on how to use the function to measure your digit span.